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The University of Ghana, one of the prestigious and leading universities in Africa, has announced the release of its undergraduate admission forms for the academic year 2023/2024.

Prospective students who aspire to pursue higher education at this renowned institution can now apply and begin their journey towards academic excellence.

The release of the admission forms marks an exciting time for both the university and prospective students. The University of Ghana has consistently maintained high academic standards and a commitment to providing quality education across various disciplines. With a rich history and a reputation for producing exceptional graduates, the university continues to attract talented individuals from Ghana and around the world.

The undergraduate admission forms offer aspiring students the opportunity to apply for admission into a wide range of programs offered by the various faculties and schools within the university. From business administration and engineering to social sciences and humanities, the University of Ghana provides a diverse array of disciplines to cater to students’ interests and career aspirations.

To obtain the admission forms, prospective students can visit the university’s official website or designated sales points on campus. The application process is user-friendly and streamlined, ensuring that applicants can easily navigate through the necessary steps to complete their applications. It is important for applicants to carefully read and understand the instructions provided in the admission forms to ensure accurate and timely submission of all required documents.

How To Apply

All applications must be submitted ONLINEClick here to visit the “How to apply online page”.

The E-VOUCHERS can also be purchased through the USSD code *887*9# on all mobile telecommunication networks. Click here for more information on the USSD Payment

All applicants will be considered on the basis of result equivalents as provided by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission(GTEC), as per schedule below:

A11 ExcellentA1 – Excellent 
B22 – Very GoodB2 – Very Good
B33 – GoodC3 – Good
C44 – CreditD4 – Credit
C55 – CreditE5 – Pass
C66 – CreditF6- Fail
D77 – Pass  
E88 – Pass  
F99 – Fail  


  1. Qualifications acceptable for admissions include the following:       Senior Secondary School Certificates (SSSCE/WASSSCE)Baccalaureate (French)International Baccalaureate (IB)GCE (Cambridge) – ‘A’ and ‘O’ LevelsGCSE & ‘A’ LevelsAmerican High School – Grade 12 examinationsOther external qualifications which have equivalences to the WASSSCE/SSSCE and the GCE (A Levels). All admissions will be to Level 100.                                                   
  2. All applicants who have ever attended or graduated with Certificate/Diploma from the University of Ghana from 1996 to date should indicate their **STUDENT IDENTITYNUMBERS** on their application forms.  The same number will be used in the intended programme of study if admitted.
  3. Since the 2007/2008 academic year, the University of Ghana has ceased to admit applicants with the West African Examination Council’s Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates
  4. All Applicants must take note that the process for admission to the University of Ghana is very transparent.  Applicants should therefore beware of any persons who may approach them on the pretext of assisting them gain admission for a fee.

Applicants are advised to pay close attention to the specified deadlines for submission of application forms, as late submissions may not be considered.

The University of Ghana takes great care in the selection process, considering academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities of applicants. It is crucial for applicants to present themselves holistically, highlighting their academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, and unique talents.

Prospective students should also be aware of the admission requirements for their desired programs. These requirements may include specific grades in relevant subjects, standardized test scores, and any additional prerequisites.

It is recommended that applicants thoroughly review the admission criteria and ensure they meet the specified requirements before submitting their applications.

Once the applications have been reviewed, successful applicants will be notified of their admission status.

Admitted students will receive official letters of acceptance from the University of Ghana, outlining the next steps they need to take to secure their place in the upcoming academic year.

This may include payment of tuition fees, registration for courses, and orientation programs to familiarize students with the campus and university life.

For those who may face financial constraints, the University of Ghana offers various scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities to support deserving students.

These resources aim to ensure that talented individuals have access to quality education, regardless of their financial backgrounds.

As prospective students eagerly fill out their admission forms, it is essential to remember that the University of Ghana values diversity, inclusivity, and intellectual curiosity. The university fosters an environment that encourages critical thinking, research, innovation, and global perspectives.

Students can expect a vibrant campus life with numerous student organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities that cater to their interests and personal growth.

In conclusion, the release of the 2023/2024 University of Ghana undergraduate admission forms is an exciting announcement for prospective students.

Aspiring individuals are encouraged to seize this opportunity to apply to one of Africa’s premier universities and embark on a transformative educational journey.

The University of Ghana stands ready to welcome new students and empower them to reach their full potential through academic excellence and holistic development.

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